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Telecommuting – 10 Benefits for Employers And Companies

Telecommuting, working from home, working remotely or e-commuting is when you work either from home, a location near your home such as a library or coffee shop or anywhere in the world you’d like! While telecommuting, you communicate with your employees via telephone or emails or sometimes by video chat. When working a remote job, you might occasionally visit the company office to attend a meeting, however with the availability of video conferencing, even important meetings may not require your physical attendance.
benefits of telecommuting

When telecommuting rules are thought out properly, the company and its employees can enjoy may benefits. As it remote work becomes more and more popular, many more benefits of telecommuting for employers are being realised.

1. Increased Productivity

Many employers that if employees work from home they would become less productive. Contrary to this notion, studies suggest employees tend to be more productive when they are working from home than when they are in an office setting.

While working from home, employees can concentrate more on their job as there are fewer interruptions and distractions. One big benefit of working from home is that it allows employees to work on a schedule that reflects their lifestyle.

2. Improved Morale and Higher Quality of Work

Many employees who are given the opportunity to telecommute are grateful to be given the opportunity to take more responsibility in how they self delegate their work.

3. Increased Flexibility

When working from home you can plan your work around your lifestyle, commitments and responsibilities. You are also free to work when you feel that you are most productive. Some people are most productive in the early morning hours while others like burning the night oil. Telecommuting lets employees work when they are most likely to be able to focus entirely. Similarly, by telecommuting, you can balance between your work and other responsibilities in your life such as childcare or looking after a spouse or relative.

4. Additional Work Hours

Employees can waste hours, ever single day, commuting to and from work. Enter e-commuting, gaining those hours back for productive work.

5. Reduced Office Requirements And Costs

Companies who offer employees telecommuting opportunities reduce office costs by limiting space and furniture requirements, not to mention heating or cooling bills, reducing overall costs.

Telecommuting can reduce your total cost of doing business by over 30%.

6. Improved Rate of Employee Retention

If you embrace telecommuting in your company, you can retain your best employees. For example, some of them may not manage daily commutes due to various personal reasons. Think of your employees who have to relocate a new place when their spouses live. You can retain them by allowing them to telecommute. This saves also you from the burden of searching for a replacement employee for that position. You also avoid the time taken to orient the replacement employee.

Similarly, telecommuting allows you to give employees a chance to work for you who may reside in a different part of the country or even overseas.

7. Less Down Time

Another benefit of telecommuting is that allowing employees to work from home during miner illnesses where they may be well enough to work, but would have stayed at home so as to avoid passing their illness onto colleagues. It also means employees can work from home during adverse weather such as heavy snow that may have kept them from commuting to the office.

8. Wider Pool of Talent

One huge company benefits of telecommuting is that you can hire only the best and most talented employees without limiting yourself to geographical location. The world is your oyster when it comes to finding the best talent for your position!

9. Maximising Your Time

Commuting, traffic jams, office politics etc, there’s a lots of time wasted in office environments. Time that you gain back for productivity when you wok from home!

10. Improved Morale

Allow telecommuting in your company, become popular. Employees are grateful to be offered the opportunity to work from home and will consequently be likely to feel a greater sense of loyalty to the company and will do their best to avoid breaking that trust that has been placed in them

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