The Top 5 Companies Offering Remote Work in 2019

As the prospect of remote working finally expands beyond just the tech industry where it has quietly growing into an accepted form of employment, 2019 has seen a boom in remote working positions being available in a multitude of markets.

For many this is a welcome change, reducing or eliminating long commutes, improving work/life balance and in many cases the well-being and mental health of employees.

Here is our list of the top 5 companies offering remote working opportunities in 2019.

Top 5 Companies Offering Remote Work Positions

Work Remotely at Automattic
Automattic, the company behind the wildly successful WordPress blogging/CMS platform and numerous other extensions and plugins and have trailblazing the remote work scene for many years, and continue to do so.  With a GlassDoor rating of 4.9,  employees report great pay, excellent perks, good support and a nice ‘small team’ atomsphere with little to no bureaucracy.

Remote Jobs at TopTal
TopTal brings together ‘the top 3% of software developers’ to work together on a wide range of projects.  Their GlassDoor rating is 4.2 and according to their remote staff working there is tough, but rewarding with a “culture of high standards” and “a high level of autonomy”.

Remote Work at are a CRM solution for SMB’s and startups.  Employees have rated them 5/5 on GlassDoor raving about the company ethos, great team and challenging but enjoyable work.

Work Remotely at Rackspace
Rackspace are a leader in the deployment of technology in the cloud, employees enjoy the style of leadership, pay, perks and option to work from home or at their offices.

Remote Jobs at Modern Tribe
Modern Tribe, who hold a GlassDoor rating of 4.9, is an upstart rapidly growing software and design company working with some of the worlds largest corporations and governments.  Employees enjoy the career growth opportunities, positive and supportive team, great work/life balance and describe it as an ‘incredible place to work at’.

The State Of Remote Working

A recent report from Buffer found that 99% of employees would like the choice to work remotely at least some of the time, proving that remote working is not just a trend but a shift in the overall employment landscaspe. In addition, 95% stated they would suggest remote working to friend and family


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