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Remote Work – The New Normal?

The number of self employed freelancers is on the rise world wide and has been for years, but what’s more interesting to us at Away.Works is that more than half of all hiring managers in the United States state that remote work among full-time permanent employees is rapidly becoming much more common place, with more and more opportunities now being offered fully remote, to workers anywhere in the world.

Over 1,000 hiring managers that were surveyed said that they expect up to 38% of their full-time staff will be working remotely within 10 years.

Hiring managers are finding that being open to remote workers allows them to reap the benefits of  far greater pool of talent in the next decade.

Currently, 63% of employers have remote workers, and many more are open to hiring remotely in the future to secure workers with the best possible skills fit.

With society as a whole becoming more globally minded and more opportunities for travel being a pitched as an important part of peoples lives, hirers are turning to offering more flexibility to secure the talents of digital nomads and people who would like to work from home alike.

Emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and robotics require highly skilled candidates, for which companies benefit greatly form being able to cast a global net to fill the shortage of local talent in these new industries.

Remote work opportunities are no longer limited to tech heavy careers with plentiful openings being advertised for roles such customer support, writers, photographers and marketers as well s the more traditional remote work skills such as web development and web engineers.

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