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Digital Nomad – Location Independent Living

Bored of the rat race and ready to start living a location independent lifestyle? We got you.  Read on for the 5 key steps to start your new life as a digital nomad!

Reduce spending!

Living on the road means reducing your spending and eliminating as many of your expenses as possible.

Gym memberships, subscriptions, they gotta go.

If you have a car, think about selling it. If you won a home, think about renting it , and move all your stuff into storage. Go through all your junk see what you can get rid off so that you can simplify your life before heading out.

Develop Skills To Work As a Digital Nomad

Fine tune your skills to  those that are in high demand to remote employers ( check the most common job openings on Away.Works ). Without online skills and no passive income, you’d be left working in the local economy, which may not afford you with the right amount of income to continue travelling and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle.

Keep in mind that when travelling through different times zones you need to be flexible enough to work when you have the time and not constrain yourself to some 9-to-5 hours.

Create A Plan

Although you don’t need to have a strict itinerary for your travels, you do need to have an idea of certain things such as budgeting and access to reliable internet.

Think about healthcare and insurance. How will we communicate if we have to go to a hospital in a foreign land? How will we navigate the local laws and regulations to do just about anything in our intended destinations?

Have a plan B and a plan C in place.

Start Before You Leave.

Start looking for remote jobs before you set off. Give yourself the opportunity to discover what you need to be able to carry out your remote job well. Do you need somewhere quiet to work from? Are certain minimum internet speeds a requirement. What equipment will you need?


Start looking for your remote job now on www.Away.Works and start your new life as a digital nomad!

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